Lennon Wielgus


Welcome to my site. Below you can follow links to over 1000 pics of me. I like to click on random links for a trip back in time.

Some of the old posts

First Snow Day
Trick Or Treating
Fire Safety Day With My Class
Cow And Carrots
Spaghetti Squash
Ringling Brothers Circus
First Day Of School
Blue Licks Battle Reeanctment
Happy Birthday Nanny
Car Show
Hanging Out On A Fire Truck
Checking Some Of Our Sunflowers
Summer Hair Cut
My Pool
Farming Life
Hulling Peas
Busy Weekend
Preschool Graduation
More Baby Bluebirds
Dipping Our Feet In The Pool
I love cottage cheese
Working Hard
Mom Ran A 10k Like Lightning
no title
Throwing Rocks In A Pond
Party In Michigan
Never ending snow
Sleigh riding
Kentucky Christmas
curly willow
I made the newspaper
Michigan Christmas
winter wonder land
dad lost his beard and a pic from this past weekend
the tree is up
best day ever
great job award
trick or treat
Kentucky Birthday Party!
Michigan so far
dads new recliner
3200 square feet
Saturday In Carlisle 2013
Nanny and Pop Pop Visit at School!
Rototiller Still Working
My Room!
Walkin' With Wielgus
crabapple update
our current wood pile
Labor Day at Nanny and Pop Pop's
school is fun
getting caught up
Myrtle Beach/Aunt Alicia and Uncle Sean's Wedding!
first day of school
ready fest 2013
Fun Times In Michigan
Our garden rocks!
The sun came out today!!!!
Blackberry Festival and Parade
cool rainbow tonight
Got our grass cut!
Hangin with Ronald McDonald
welding aint easy, our sunflowers wear pantyhose, homemade French toast sticks, oh my
Mowing with Dad
hangin with Hannah
feed me
Walking With Mom (and Huxley)
our blue birds are expecting
who is in the welding helmet?
swimming with cousins
accepted to preschool
edge of the storm
Tractor Videos
I replaced the carburator on our rototiller
sitting on Chubs
looking older every day
no title
grandma, grandpa, and my buddy archie
just doing some tractor work
frost expected
Sliding with Daddy
splitting logs
working on dad's truck
whole bunch of dandelions
sorta first day of preschool
giant playground
giant pile of logs
fired up the law mower n eating a bowl of spinach
my shovel needs a break
new neighbors
feels like Michigan
Easter fun
I'm officially enrolled in preschool
my John Deere is finally outside
rough and tough
happy retirement pop pop
Obama Preschool Would Be Nice Right Now
pond or firepit?
hanging gourds
diggin a hole
happy birthday mommy
putting the chickens up
waiting on spring to spring
testing gourd birdhouse
My Crab Apple Is Getting Bigger
cold frame
all aboard
hanging out with nanny and cousins
sleeping buddies
sick, thinking about preschool
Dad's New Truck
waiting on mommy to get teeth fillings
making some kindle
he fell asleep on my leg
putting valve stem caps on mommies car
Fort Ancient And Adena Indians Used To Live Here
basketball in the morning
baby crabapple tree
painting with mom
1000 baby trees
lazy chickens and a muddy driveway
hanging out with Charlie and Barney
checking mom and dad's blood pressure
puppy pillow
happy birthday daddy
zebra blanket
bacon pizza yum
Kentucky Christmas
Michigan Christmas
cutting dad's hair
dirt and tractors
frosty weeping willow
neighbors new metal roof
coloring with Hannah
touring Nina and Pinta replicas
my hand is stuck in toilet paper roll
thanksgiving 2012
cold can't get between me and my sandbox
I Love Mommy
lunch at Chloe's school
I voted
Chloe and uncle Brandon's birthday
imported mulberry firewood
sweatshirt twins
Family Time
Third Birthday Party
third birthday after party
Painting a pumpkin
harvest time
horseback riding
I love hay bales
race for the cure
Saturday in Carlisle
they raked some hay last night
cutting trees is hard work
hay bales are cool
working on the neighbors house
pumping gas
Another Helicopter LANDED
what is this shrub
looking good with a shovel
giving corn to the chickens
moms tree has baby honeycrisp apples
another military helicopter
Jacob's birthday cookout
pretty day
relaxing by Nannie and pop pop's pool
cool rainbow tonight
the water pump
Helping Daddy
Lego Castle
Flowers For Mommy
Talking To Grandma And Grandpa (for real)
A Creepy Unmarked Helicopter Landed Nearby
one of my favorite places right now
Smelling the flowers
super big slide all by myself
super big slide all by myself
black widow spider
eating at tracks
playing with cousins at nanny's bday
My John Deere Then And Now
More Cobbing
Talking to grandpa and grandma
Nanny Hannah and Blake at kids place
feeling better
not feeling well
Mommy and me
loose horses
Indian lake
I am a bubble machine
if there is sand and a bucket I'm there
going to water baby trees
downtown on fourth of July
cucumbers with ranch
pickin peppers
Hannah and Blake at nanny's
King Of The Potty
this huge tractor bush hogged our yard today
pickin blackberries
the cat in the hat
grandma and grandpa
Hannah turned two
Carlisle Cadillac
my summer haircut
filling the pool
flemingsburg resevoir
baby tree hunting
up all night, sleep all day
mommy runs fast
big yellow wildflowers
McDonald's playground
dinner at the stockyards
fun day
the mowing is never done
pickin daisys
drinking my yogurt
Honeycrisp Apple Tree
small kale harvest
sleep deprived
snake removal
Dance Dance Video
me myself and a flooded sandbox.
plastered the bench
Biting My Fingernails
BBQ rice cakes mmmmm
working on the living room
no nap so I ...
planting a fig tree
lazy Sunday
Internet again
Maryland Friends Are Here
I like my hands in my pockets
Motorcycle cruising
checking the tires
A few birthday pics
Grandma and Grandpa
Giant Michigan windmills
Pet pet a chicken
building a barn for the cows
I love the cold kielbasa
Lawn Tractor
Nanny And Pop Pop's Back Yard
New neighbors
Mom and aunt kims party
Worms are fun
Chasing a chicken
Sleeping after hanging out with nanny
Me and mom dinner
Mom's Early Birthday Dinner
Looking for my golf ball
throwing sand on the grass
Lexington Kentucky arboretum
Repairing my lawnmower
Big boy bike
Learning the screwdriver
watching doodlebops
Recessed Lights
more fun playing in dirt than sand
Sandboxing in february
looking for everybody
Bird Watching
Cob bench
One whimsical railing
evening walk
Testing A Trail Cam
repaving our road
feeding my chickens
Kidsplace with Nanny
Framing A Cob Bench
Maybe the best pancakes in the world
Staying warm
Done for now
Speech therapy
Looking Out The Window
Loving On Daddy
a hat like dad wears
me and my laptop going to work
Warm Winter
The Walls Are Almost Up
I love my kazoo
I'm A Cool Dude!
Dinner with nanny and pop pop
building a log home
On The Way To Michigan
neighbors subfloor
making mama a closet
sausage mcmuffin
warm december day
hanging up a coat hanger
Lost puppy
Fresh collard greens
Hanging out with grandma
Turkey day with nan
Finishing The Christmas Tree
rain can't stop me
setting up the christmas tree
Watching cartoons
Working hard
Two Year Appointment
Doing dishes
Peace and Quiet
My first kids meal
Fireplace gloves
Guard dog
Monkey Costume
Aunt Alicia At The Zoo
Flooded sandbox
safety goggles
My Second Birthday Party
Hugging On Mom
shredded cheese over spaghettios yum
Super Santa
Ladder and salamander
Brown Hair
Bush Hogging Next Door
Our Wood Pile
Evening Walk
Indian Arrowhead
Nice Morning
My blanket
lookin 4 nuts
Aunt Alicia's Camera
Saturday In Carlisle 2012
Fireplace And Stuff
Happy Birthday, Jacob!
jacobs birthday party
More Fireplace Work
Hanging Tobacco
Watching The Sun Go Down
Amish In November
Building The Fireplace Area
Peach Tree
Testing Paint
Dinner at nanny and pop pops
our dog thinks he's a horse
Walking With Mom
Milk Snake And Plastered Windows
New Lawn Mower
I Love Tractors
Party Time
Is This The Same Guy?
Finally A Watermelon
looking up
midsummer night's run 2011
Listening To Tunes
Up High
Our Chicken Laid An Egg
Sticking My Tongue Out
Lookin at you
Lost Foundation
640 New Chair
637 Snakeskin in tree
636 Bad Pic
635 Mom's Working
633 Model Pose
629 Penny
628 Our Giant Sunflower
627 Pool Time
625 Small House Update
624 Tickle The Pig
623 Hay Bales
621 Happy 4th of July!
620 Hay Bailing
619 Pickled Peppers
618 Farmer Lennon
617 Picking Flowers
616 Just Me
614 Pringles
613 Lego Attack!
612 Big Boy Potty
611 Cob Stomping
609 Chicken Book
608 Grandma
606 Laundromat
604 Trying Out A New Tractor
Waking dad up early
602 cleaning up
601 Looking For The Tractor
600 Enjoying The Sun
599 Happy Early Father's Day!
597 Evening Walk
Homemade blueberry syrup
Garden fresh broccoli
A gardener's work is never done
595 Reading To Mom
594 Playin
592 Crabby
Happy birthday Hannah
590 Thinking
589 Watering The Garden
588 Happy Retirement, Nanny!
586 Memorial Day
Pool party
584 Best Buds From Maryland
582 Checking Out The Chickens
580 Motorcycle
579 Wheelbarrows Are Fun
578 Riding The Tractor
577 Busy Day
576 Home Grown Lettuce
575 Flowers
572 Foot In Mouth
571 Lawn Mower
570 Chillin
569 Hangin With Grandma And Grandpa
568 Reading With Grandpa
567 Grandpa And Grandma Are Here!
565 Happy Mother's Day!
561 Upside-down Toddler
560 Big Boy Dinner
559 Crazy Boy
557 Hammering
556 Shingles
Free mulch
553 Double Trouble
551 Got Milk?
550 Easter
Crazy Night
Old man
Feeding chickens
545 downed tree
544 Chicken Coop 2.0
543 Dump Truck
542 Horses
541 Pouty Face
540 Just Me And My Dad
539 Chillin'
538 Chicken Stealer
537 Chicken Coop
536 Lowes
534 Boxes
533 Hannah
Buzz cut
529 Sand Table
528 More Planting
527 Planting The Garden
526 Silly Sounds
Puff explosion
523 Driving
522 Blue Sky
520 Back In Kentucky
519 Dad's Back!
518 Cold
plumbing inspection passed
515 Avery Laree Is Here!
514 Two More Teeth
Water line
513 Windy
512 Texting
511 Archie
510 Cutie Fight
Baby chicks
509 Playing
508 Ava
507 Happy Birthday Party, Mitch!
506 All Dressed Up And No Place To Go
504 Happy Birthday, Mom!
Week one
503 Farm
502 Reading Books
501 Lovin On Grandpa
500 New Friends
499 I Love Grandpa and Grandma
498 Caterpillar
497 High Five
496 Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
495 Cousins
494 Last Night In The Apartment
493 Looking Out The Window
492 Bed Head
491 Pediasure
490 Pockets
489 Still Packing
487 Maryland Friends
485 Break Time
484 Floor
Video: Walking - For Sure!
483 Walking...Maybe?
482 Farm
481 Standing
480 Playing Outside
479 Wore Out
505 Relaxing
478 Mom Got Her Hair Did
477 Riding On Mom's Shoulders
476 Tractor Puzzle
475 Still Don't Like Napping
474 Innocent
473 French Toast
472 Late Christmas
471 Pajamas
470 Packing
469 Singamajig
468 Hangin With My Car
sewer line
467 Lentils and Mung Beans
466 Beautiful Day
465- 3 and 1
464 15 Month Check Up
463 Permanent Marker
462 Cereal Time
461 Sick Boys
460 Dad's Hat
459 Sick
458 Two and Two
457 Light Up Shoes
I Don't Want To Listen To Bon Jovi
456 happy birthday huxley
454 Making A Mess...Again!
almost dry
452 Happy Toddler
3 and 2
449 I Hate Diaper Changes
448 Casual Day
447 White Out
446 Peanut Butter
445 Commercial
6 and 7
robots and camo
443 Inspecting The House
442 Me And Mom
441 Bath Time
440 Toddler Vs. Table
439 Eating Healthy
438 Snack Cup
437 Happy New Year!
436 On The Road Again
435 Dad is 35
434 Super Sledding
433 Moose Lodge
Cars game
431 Christmas In Michigan
430 Christmas In Kentucky
427 Christmas Presents
winter solstice
425 Flu Shot
424 Close-Up
423 home made alfalfa sprouts
422 Cinnamon
421 Favorite Things
420 Stinky Sock
419 I Love Milk
More Snow - Uggh
418 Busted Lip
417 Scream
Two thirds circle roof
416 Pancakes
415 6AM
414 Light
413 Surprise
412 More Teeth
411 Oranges
roof status
410 Eating The Couch
409 Interesting Picture
Snow on the way today
Lemon Wielgus
408 Let It Snow
407 emptying the cupboards
406 Two More Teeth...Maybe?
From the phone
Fancy Phone
403 Another Window Installed
402 GoodBye Nan
401 Decorating The Christmas Tree
400 Turkey Day
399 Fried Bologna And Ramen Noodles
398 Wear Your Costume Every Day
397 Sad But Not Really
Nan and Me
395 Shop At Amazon And Remember Me
394 Socks Stink
393 Still Putting Everything In My Mouth
392 Osb And A Mailbox
391 Sniffles
390 Looking Very Serious
389 My Nose Might Be Getting Orange?
388 Real Pictures
387 Around The Table
386 Small House Update
385 Aunt Alicia Gave Me Some Cool Boxes
383 Another Awesome Hair Day
382 Aunt Alicia And Uncle Dave
381 Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast
380 Birthday Bash
379 Grandpa's Window
377 My New Look
376 Milk Price Conspiracy
375 Monkeying Around
374 Monster In Training
Don't Make Me Call Grandma
372 1 Year Checkup
371 Michigan Blueberry Crepes
370 Leaving Michigan
369 Me and Mitch
368 Birthday Party Part 2
367 Grandma And Grandpa
366 Birthday Part 1
Day 365 Birthday Eve
Day 364 Lime Plaster
Day 363 Clapping And Pointing
Day 362 Taking The Hay
Day 361 Good Hair Day
Day 360 A Bit Under The Weather
Day 359 Mt Sterling Kentucky Court Days 2010
Day 358 House Update
Day 357 Carving Pumpkins Is Funny
Day 356 Just Relaxing
Day 355 Playing Guitar With Video
Day 354 Walking With Mom
Day 353 Sippie Cup With A Straw
Day 352 Little Drummer Boy
Day 351 Expensive milk
Day 350 Creepy Old School In Carlisle Kentucky
Day 349 Just Playing
Day 348 Looking In Things
Day 347 Scary Baby
Day 346 Not Interested In Pictures
Day 345 Sunflower Harvest
Day 344 Lovin On Mom
Day 343 Look Ma No Handles
Day 342 Pants Weather
Day 341 Cruising Side To Side
Day 340 Milk From A Cow
Day 339 Saturday In Carlisle Kentucky 2010
Day 338 Running On Empty
Day 337 Dad Cut My Hair
Day 336 Homemade Bread Experiments
Day 335 Ba Ba
Day 334 Still Rolling
Day 233 Good Looking
Day 332 Dinner With Friends
Day 331 Biting Dad's Nose
Day 330 Testing Lime Plasters
Day 329 Diaper Helmet
Day 328 Crying Over Crepes
Day 327
Day 326 Loving On Nanny
Day 325 Harvesting Cat Tails
Day 324
Day 323 Black Walnuts
Day 322 Crazy Hair And Crazy Picture
Day 321 Our Neighbors House
Day 320 Lennon Pushups
Day 319 Cob Sculpture
Day 318 Reading Before Bed
Day 317 Waving Hello And Goodbye
Day 316 Teasing Me To Crawl
Day 315 Full Belly
Day 314 Retiring The Ducky Tub
Day 313 Just Playing
Day 312 Rafters Finished
Day 311 Before Bed
Day 310 Just Buttressing
Day 309 Eating A Book
Day 308 Mom And Dad's Anniversary
Day 307
Day 306 Diaper Box Race Car
Day 305 Putting On The First Rafters
Day 304 Resting With Dad
Day 303 Wall Framing Almost Done
Day 302 Looking Good
Day 301 I Like New Stuff
Day 300 Pancake Dinner
Day 299 Almost No Hands
Day 298 Framing The Knee Wall
Day 297 Looking Up
Day 296 Mashed Potatoes
Day 295 Passing Along My Cold
Day 294 Bag Fail
Day 293 Mitch And Me
Day 292 My New Cellphone
Day 291 Snoozin
Day 290 My Kinda Sippy Cup
Day 289 I Heart Huxley
Day 288 Bed Time
Day 287 Tasty New Shoes
Day 286 My Shiny New High Chair
Day 285 Taking A Break
Day 284 Figuring Out A Pacifier
Day 283 Cya Soon Grandma And Granpda
Day 282 Only 70 Bags To Go
Day 281 Me And Archie
Day 280 Trouble Keeping Up With Grandpa
Day 279 Diddling Bags
Day 278 Working
Day 277 I Heart Grandpa
Day 276 Level 5 Complete
Day 275 Super Tall Sunflower
Day 274 Getting Ready For Grandma And Grandpa
Day 273 Need A Nap
Day 272 Hanging With Mom
Day 271 Apple Fritters And Going Home
Day 270 Splash Mountain
Day 269 Clingmans Dome
Day 268 Checking Into The Cabin
Day 267 Packing
Day 266 Picture Day
Day 265 Almost Missed Again
Day 264 I Love Getting My Teeth Brushed
Day 263 Still Waking Up All Night
Day 262 Window And Door Frames
Day 261 Mobility
Day 260 Putting Together A Toilet
Day 259 Push And Learn Pony
Day 258 Leftovers
Day 257 Needing A Nap
Day 256 Crazy Camera
Day 255 Practicing My High Five
Day 254 Level Four Complete
Day 252 Eating Little Puffs
Day 251 Baby Show
Day 250 Dad Cut My Hair
Day 249 Reading Before Bed
Day 248 Staying Up Late With Dad
Day 247 Level 3 Complete
Day 246 Hiking To The Licking River
Day 245 Electric - FINALLY!
Day 244 Standing Is Fun
Day 244 Level Two Complete
Day 243 Thinking About Bed
Day 242 Father's Day Pool Party
Day 241 Hanging Out
Day 240 Bird Watching
Day 239 Garlic Scape Pesto
Day 238 Harvesting Scapes
Day 237 Official Tooth Count
Day 236 Home
Day 235 One Last Night With Grandma And Grandpa
Day 234 Heber Memorial
Day 232 Mitch And Grandma And Grandpa
Day 232 Baby Hannah
Day 231 Where Is Mitch?
Day 230 Playing With My Feet Again
Day 229 Level One Complete
Day 228 I Eat My Feet
Day 227 I Still Get Up All Night
Day 226 610x RoadBase Earthbag Walls
Day 225 Twenty Pounds And Ten Ounces
Day 224 Jam Session
Day 223 More Teeth
Day 222 In The Pool
Day 221 Picnic At The Property
Day 220 At The Baseball Games
Day 219 I Love Sleeping In The Car
Day 218 Me And My Wildflower
Day 217 Me And My Toys
Day 216 My New Sandals
Day 215 Our Lawn Mower
Day 214 Hanging Out At Aunt Melissa's Shower
Day 213 Major Foundation Excavation Done
Day 212 Gap In My Top Two Front Teeth
Day 211 Wild Blackberries Are Everywhere
Day 210 Shake And Rattle
Day 209 My New Style
Day 208 Still Digging That Foundation
Day 207 Cranky All Day
Day 206 Asparagus Festival
Day 205 My First Big Show
Day 204 I Put Everything In My Mouth
Day 203 Seriously - No More Little Puffs
Day 202 My New Yard Hydrant
Day 201 My New Big Boy Car Seat
Day 200 Is Your Father Home?
Day 199 Little Puffs
Day 198 Me And Chloe
Day 197 Still Hating Tummy Time
Day 196 Jury Rigged Barbed Wire Fence
Day 195 Lennon Hair
Day 194 Pleasant Valley Kentucky Flooding
Day 193 Record Rains In Kentucky
Day 192 No Photos Please
Day 191 Septic Tank Installation Completed!
Day 190 Trying To Scoot
Day 189 1000 Sandbags
Day 188 One Oh Two Point Two
Day 187 My Six Month Doctor Visit
Day 186 Mom And Dad Are Arguing
Day 185 Trying A Sippy Cup
Day 184 Two Top Teeth
Day 183 Hand Digging Our Home Foundation
Day 182 Dad Almost Had A Truck
Day 181 Running A Water Line Forever
Day 180 Beating Up My Glow Worm
Day 179 Exhausted From Running The Roads
Day 178 Sometimes I Just Relax
Day 177 Big Boy
Day 176 Baby Boy Sun Hat
Day 175 Hanging Out And Sleeping
Day 174 Napping On Mom Waiting On Dad To Get Home
Day 173 Evening Meltdown
Day 172 Mini Situps
Day 171 Mom Trimmed My Hair
Day 170 Went To Lowes
Day 169 Inflatable Duck Tub
Day 168 Trying To Show Off My Teeth
Day 167 Snoozing
Day 166 Butternut Squash
Day 165 My First Easter
Day 164 Cookie Monster Gooood
Day 163 TouchDown
Day 162 My Seedlings
Day 161 Give Peas A Chance
Day 160 GQ Baby
Day 159 My Favorite Kid's Radio Station
Day 158 Mom And Me
Day 157 Teeth Clanking The Bowl
Day 156 Someone Burned Dad's Truck
Day 155 Carrots Gag Me
Day 154 I Don't Like Green Beans
Day 153 Fun With Diaper Changing
Day 152 Kentucky Pride
Day 151 An Almost Miss
Day 150 Sushi For Mom's Birthday
Day 149 Play Me To Sleep Dad
Day 148 Enjoying The Sunshine
Day 147 Shorts Weather
Day 146 Unassisted Sitting
Day 145 Practicing For The Carlisle Bluegrass Jam
Day 144 Cereal Twice A Day Keeps My Tummy Happy
Day 143 Red Socks And When It Rains It Pours
Day 142 Back In KY Again
Day 141 Welcome Mitch!
Day 140 The Two Dollar Lady
Day 139 Mom's Real Birthday Is Today
Day 138 My Favorite Toy This Week
Day 137 Solar Internet
Day 136 Mom's Birthday Cake
Day 135 Outside Without A Winter Coat
Day 134 Still Leeching The Internet
Day 133 Still Having Fun
Day 132 Unpacking
Day 131 Moving In Is Hard To Do
Day 130 Using My Hands
Day 129 Apartment Is A Go
Day 128 Four Month Checkup
Day 127 Safe In Kentucky
Day 126 Waking Up Is Hard To Do
Day 125 New Friends And Old Friends
Day 124 We Got A Place To Live
Day 123 Getting Changed
Day 122 Mitch Is On His Way
Day 121 Eating Rice Cereal
Day 120 Enjoying The Balmy Michigan Weather
Day 119 Sitting Like A Big Boy
Day 118 Lunch At The Moose Lodge
Day 117 Relaxing On Daddy
Day 116 Sure Glad We Came North To Escape The Snow
Day 115 Safe In Michigan
Day 114 Etrade Baby
Day 113 Almost Missed This One
Day 112 Up At 4am
Day 111 Sleeping
Day 110 Daddy's Helper
Day 109 Back In Ky
Day 108 Great Grandma And Grandpa Hammond
Day 107 Smiling In Michigan
Day 106 Still Loving The Mobile
Day 105 Dinner With Nanny And PopPop
Day 104 Down On The Farm
Day 103 The Home Inspection
Day 102 Waking From A Nap
Day 101 Tub Time
Day 100 I Want To Be In Movies
Day 99 We sold Our Home
Day 98 Buying A Home Is Not Always A Good Investment
Day 97 My Big Boy Chair
Day 96 Munching My Hands And Shirt
Day 95 Home And Tired
Day 94 Mini Mark
Day 93 Road Tripping To Michigan
Day 92 Remembering Great Grandpa Heber
Day 91 Drooling On Dad
Day 90 Happy First Birthday Huxley
Day 89 Home Grown Baby
Day 88 Lounging And Watching My Parents Work
Day 87 I'm A Sloppy Kisser
Day 86 Bed Time
Day 85 Monster Baby
Day 84 Great Grandpa
Day 83 Concentrating
Day 82 Close Up
Day 81 The Biggest Deuce
Day 80 Best Baby Towels
Day 79 Too Cute At Playtime
Day 78 Mr Independent
Day 77 Burping
Day 76 Eating My Hands And Crying More
Day 75 Couch Potato
Day 74 Watching Dad Do Yoga
Day 72 Wiped Out
Day 73 Whose Parents Dress Their Son In A Pink Floyd Tshirt On UK Gameday?
Day 71 My Heber Great Grandparents
Day 69 If My Face Wasn't So Cute I'd Be A Boxer
Day 68 Laughing It Up With Grandma
Day 67 Looking Up
Day 66 Back Online After Christmas Number 2
Day 63 Feeling Better After The Doctor
Day 62 What The Doctor Suggested And Teeth?
Day 61 A Tough Winter Solstice
Day 60 Taking A Midday Nap
Day 59 I Love My Mobile
Day 58 Talking About Big Ideas
Day 57 Hanging Out With My Blog Buddy
Day 56 The Youngest Affiliate Marketer In The World
Day 55 Crying Or Singing?
Day 54 In My Pajamas
Day 53 Baby Fat
Day 52 Good Morning
Day 51 Sitting Like A Big Boy
Day 50 Passed Out And Loving It
Day 49 Black And White Baby
Day 48 My First Bottle
Day 47 Happy Play Time
Day 46 Someone Showed Some Website Love
Day 45 Taking A Nap Before Bedtime
Day 44 The Michigan Invasion
Day 43 And I Dance
Day 42 Daddy's Allstar
Day 41 Me And My Moose
Day 40 Playing With My Rattling Dragonfly
Day 39 Up All Night And Sleep All Day
Day 38 Spitting Up On Grandpa
Day 37 Take That Dad
Day 36 My First Thanksgiving
Day 35 Just Swinging
Day 34 Give Me My Food
Day 33 Check Out My Muscles
Day 32 Baby Acne
Day 31 Wide Awake With Video
Day 30 More Sleeping
Day 30 Sleeping
Day 29 Say Hello To My Little Friend
Day 28 I Hate Chili
Day 27 I Stick My Tongue Out At You
Day 26 I Found My Nose
Day 25 Hanging Out With Aunt Alicia
Day 24 Hiking And Sleeping
Day 24 Sleeping
Day 23 Good Hair Day
Day 22 Play Time
Day 21 In The Middle Of The Night
Day 20 Snoozing On Mom
Day 19 Finally A Picture With Me And Mommy
Day 18 The Dad And Lennon Show
Day 18 No Fussing In The BathTub
Day 17 When Should I Get My First Hair Cut?
Day 16 I Love Dad And Dad Loves Me
Day 16 Naptime In My Crib
Day 15 Pooping Is My Business And Business Is Good
Day 14 I Like The Big Rocking Chair
Day 13 My Favorite Sleeping Spot
Day 12 Green Baby
Day 11 Showing Off My Dimples
Day 10 My First Halloween
Day 9 Kung Fu At 4am
Day 8 I Really Do Not Like This Diaper Changing Thing
Day 7 Just Got My Diaper Changed And Feeling Good
Day 6 I Go To The Doctor
Day 5 And Wearing Daddy Out
Day 4 Homecoming
Me And Mom After A Change On Day 3
Day 2 And Getting Cuter
The First Day Of My Life
Before I Was Born